Grand Finale Of DirectAid’s Dr. Summeit 2024 Qur’an Competition Held

DirectAid Society, Ghana a non-governmental organization in Kuwait with its branch in Ghana, has held the grand finale of Qur’anic recitation competition for the various categories in a grand style with a juicy rewards for winners.

The annual Qur’anic recitation was held at the DirectAid headquarters in Accra on Wednesday, April 3 in honor of Dr. Abdul Rahman Summeit who is the founder of DirectAid Society.

The Quran recitation Competition which took center stage in Accra was an extraordinary success, leaving participants and attendees inspired and filled with emotion with some shedding tears.

The Competition reached its cresendo after participants in the finals competed in their various regions and emerged as winners in their various categories of the competition.

Participants displayed their Quranic recitation prowess to the admiration to the judges and the attendees who got enriched with verses of the Holy Quran.

The competition according to the Country Director of DirectAid Society, Ghana Mr. Saami, serves as a platform for participants to exhibit their Quranic knowledge and recitation talents.

Participants who demonstrated outstanding Quranic recitation skills were rewarded with prizes, including cash, certificates, Quran and Islamic Books.

Participants commended DirectAid Society Ghana for its contribution to the propagation of Islam and urged them to carry on with the good works for the sake of Allah and the development of Islam.

They urged Ghanaian Muslim ummah (community) to be agents of peace and development.

They were also encouraged to stay away from things that will tarnish the image of Islam.

In all 27 participants both male and female participated in the DirectAid’s Dr. Summeit 2024 Qur’an Competition in Five categories which includes full Qur’an with nine participants from different regions and half of the Quran with five participants.

Others include, Juzz Al- Ankabut with five participants, Juzz Al-Ahkaaf with four participants and Juzz Al-Mulk also with four participants.

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