Govt contributed NOTHING to National Mosque Complex – Chief Imam reacts to ‘equalization’

The office of the National Chief Imam has said the “benevolence of the Turkish People under the able leadership of President Rejeb Tayyib Erdogan” is what has made the Ghana Mosque complex reach 98% completion and not Ghana government funds.

In a statement copied to MyNewsGh.ocm, the office said the “Ghana National Mosque is probably the most important Ghanaian Muslim edifice today and has all the important infrastructure necessary for the development of a community at the site as a full Complex.”

“Although the Turkish Government is not a direct party or sponsor of the project, President Erdogan attaches so much interest and attention on this single Mosque Complex in Ghana.” The statement said.

The Chief Imam’s Office was reacting to “rumours” that since government sponsored the National Mosque complex, it was only fair that Christians get a Cathedral while traditionalists get a shrine.

“The current works is being carried out by the Turkish HUDAI, a well established Turkish NGO that mobilized all the funds for the Ghana National Mosque at Kanda in Turkey and nowhere else for the sake of emphasis. We are grateful to the Turkish people for their benevolence and full support.” It added.

Revealing the architecture, the statement said “the National Mosque Complex has three entrances, 33 metres high mosque which will accommodate about 10,000 worshippers, a school complex, a residence for the National Chief Imam, office for the National Chief Imam, large conference room and a spacious car park. The Mosque will replace an old Accra central mosque that was pulled down at Mokola following a demolition exercise in the 1979.

Read the rest of the statement:

Former President J.J. Rawlings thought it wise and necessary to compensate Ghanaian Muslims by replacing a land to be used for Greater Accra Central Mosque at a similarly strategic location in Accra for the old mosque at Makola.

The National Mosque is currently at %98 completed according to the contractors and shall be handed over to the sole trustee of the project, the National Chief Imam by the end of January 2020 insha Allah.
His Eminence will announce the official opening after the handing over ceremony insha Allah.

Although the Mosque is almost completed, there are debris at the project site which the present Gov and some of our well resourced Muslims promised to clear before the handing over but IT IS YET TO BE HONORED FOR ALMOST 3years compelling the Turkish to take it up themselves. Attached is the pic of trucks that are loading the debris at the expense of the Turkish people again.

The previous Gov. had promised to waive duties on all materials imported to Ghana for the Mosque but have done nothing on it compelling the Turkish to pay over $1m on duties alone.

Ghanaian Muslims decided to elevate the status of the Mosque to a National Mosque because of its size, strategic location, beauty and other important auxiliary infrastructure on the complex.
Abossey Okai Mosque may likely remain the Greater Accra Central Mosque after the commissioning of the National Mosque in 2020 insha Allah.

The Project Manager, Dr. Ramazan hosted His Eminence the National Chief Imam on his recent trip to Turkey and confirmed to His Eminence that HUDAI Ghana will hand over the project to him insha Allah before the year ends or latest by end of January 2020 insha Allah.

Let it be placed on record that NO Government in the fourth Republic contributed a pesewa in the construction and setting up of a National Mosque in Ghana so far.

May Allah grant His Eminence good health and long life to commission the project for us.