Ghana’s Heavy-weight Boxing Champion Visits Former President

The management of Ghana and West Africa’s Heavyweight boxing champion presented the boxer and the two titles to the former president of Ghana H.E John Dramani Mahama at his office in Accra.
The former President, upon sighting the heavy-weight boxer Alhaji Haruna Osuman, seem to have recognised him immediately and said “eeii Sabo are you into boxing”? he queried. He was of course oblivious of the boxer’s talent as he knew him as a drummer. H.E. the former president expressed enthusiasm to witness Saabo’s achievement. A significant number of youth from Zango communities are unable to unlock their potential in Ghana due to numerous factors including stigmatization and other factors.
President Mahama was thrilled that the Zango Community has produced a heavyweight boxing champion and has pledged to support the boxer to win more titles in the future Insha Allah.