Ghanaians Refuse To Be Vaccinated Despite President’s Public Show

A section of the Ghanaian public have rejected government’s nationwide vaccination using the AstraZeneca vaccine as an antidote to control the spread of the Covid-19 in the country.

Despite President Akufo-Akuffo receiving the vaccination on national television along with the first Lady, the Vice President and the Second Lady as an example and motivation to the rest of the Ghanaian population, some members of the Ghanaian public are still not convinced on the efficacy of the medicine while others also think it is actually needless since they do not believe the disease exists in the first place.

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries including Ghana have relentlessly taken several critical steps to help curb its infection as it has already claimed thousands of lives all over the world; hence the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

As many countries seek remedy to the fatal trend of Covid-19 to order for vaccines, Ghana has not been an exception as it is expected the vaccination will help control the spread of the Corina virus.

The arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been embraced with mixed reactions from the Ghanaian public. Despite the President taking the first shot of the vaccine as an exhibition of good leadership and to encourage Ghanaians to take the vaccine, most people are however reluctant to do so. Most people ignorantly keep rejecting the vaccine with the view that it is going to have a long term effect on their lives.

While some may agree that the bold step taken by the leaders of this country to get vaccinated go a long way to encourage the rest of the Ghanaian population to also get vaccinated, some section of Ghanaians is also of the view that the Astrazeneca vaccine is a poisonous substance that has been created to take the African lives.

In a public interaction, these were the reactions that confronted A trader who goes by the name Mary Commey believes that its “a deliberate attempt from the white people to destroy Africa because Covid-19 has not taken many lives in Africa as compared to other continents therefore she isn’t going to take the vaccine.

Yaa Christy trades perfumes and says she isn’t ready to get vaccinated because she heard there will be a side effect after 10 years. “I am afraid of my life because I heard that the vaccine will have some health implications on us after 10 years of taken it so there is no way I will opt for it”

Eric says after days of receiving the vaccine by the leadership of the country and they are still very much ok then he will be convinced to accept the vaccination himself.

However a trader by name Aunty Eva had a positive view of the vaccine. She believes some countries have already taken the vaccine and are fine which is the reason she is ready and prepared to accept to receive the vaccine.

Others were of the view that the laid down protocols given by the president are enough measures to help fight the Covid-19; not the vaccination. Hajia Bilikis thinks the 600,000 Astrazeneca vaccine doses are woefully inadequate. ” considering Ghana’s population of over 30 million, I don’t think the doses are enough to get to every one of us. She lamented.

Meanwhile, the President in his last address on the Covid-19, reiterated the need for every Ghanaian to receive a shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. He appealed to all Ghanaians to get vaccinated in order to prevent the risk of the deadly disease (Covi-19).

Source: Fauziya Hassan