Ghanaians React To Viral Social Media Video Of Chief Imam

Muslim, organizations and a section of the general public have expressed worry over viral video  of the National Chief Imam of Ghana Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu on social media.

In the video, two able-bodied men were seen holding the National Chief Imam during this year’s Eid’l Fitr prayers at the Independent Square in Accra.

Many are of the view that the National Chief imam should assign someone to represent and lead the Eid prayers due to his old age.

According to them, though it is not forbidden for the leader of the Muslim community to lead prayers it is improper for the national Chief imam to be captured on the national television praying with the support of two persons due to possible unpalatable comments on social media.

They stated that the Chief Imam has continuously served with diligence, zeal and passion since 1993 and therefore is a symbol of selfless service, kindness and unity.

They said the Chief Imam has lived a life of dedicated service to humanity, especially the less privileged and has spent over 80 years of his life as a teacher; thus, he deserves a better treatment in his old age.

“Having spent over 80 years teaching and grooming Islamic scholars, the Chief Imam has more than enough students to stand in for him. This is what every successful leader wants to see and they should not deny the old from seeing his students playing such a critical role in his life time” they added.

They stated that the national Chief imam has played a pivotal role in promoting religious tolerance and peace among Muslims and other religious faith in the country and it is high time someone takes over.

They added that those with the Imam should have pity on the old man and stop using him as cashcow and means of gaining their parochial interest. At his age, he needs rest more than anything else and his cohorts should realise that and quit moving the Chief Imam around for marriage, naming ceremonies and other occasions.

According to them, if not for parochial interest why has the office of National Chief Imam failed to appoint a deputy Chief Imam since the death of the Sheikh Kamarudeen who was the deputy to the National Imam.

They questioned the office of the national Imam that if the Imam were to be their father would they by any means stress him in that manner?

The 105 years old Chief Imam was appointed to the Islamic religion’s highest office in Ghana in 1993 and it is exactly 31 years since he began his formal stewardship of Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Ghana and beyond; thus, we cannot expect him to continue with the same zeal as 31 years ago.

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