Ghanaian Muslims protest over Hijab discrimination

Scores of Ghanaian Muslims hit the street Saturday to protest against discrimination at work and schools over the wearing of Hijab. Hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women which usually covers the head and chest

The protesters in white Hijabs, held various placards with inscriptions “Let me manifest my faith in peace,” “I chose Hijab, it’s a constitutional rights,” “wear your wig, lemme wear my Hijab” among others.

Some of the protesters included medical doctors, nurses, students, activists and other professionals.

Organizers say there have been work place and school incidents were Ghanaian Muslims have been asked to remove their Hijabs.

The discriminatory directive they say is more pronounce towards nurses and students in government managed hospitals and schools.

They argue that wearing Hijab is not against the constitution of Ghana and that it is their way of life and identity.