Ghana Hajj Board hailed by pilgrims

The Ghana Hajj Board under the leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye has been highly commended by all stakeholders of Hajj as well as pilgrims for improvements in this year’s Hajj.

Some pilgrims and officials alike in an interview with divulged their satisfaction and described this year’s hajj as “one of the best ever in the history of hajj operations in Ghana”.

These pilgrims were obviously overjoyed while interacting with our reporter who went round soliciting views and opinions of pilgrims in the aftermath of this year’s hajj and confirms the assertions of major stakeholders and Muslim Clerics.

Alhaji Alhassan Barau also known as Alhaji Baban Kowa, a pilgrim with many years of experience delved into the issue of accommodation, feeding and transportation during their stay in Saudi Arabia which in his view was handled very well and to his satisfaction. Adding that, some facilities given to them at their various hotels include free WiFi, fully air-conditioned rooms among others made life easier for them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He further revealed that food, water and drinks were distributed to them free of charge as they were fed with two square meals throughout their stay.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction over audio going viral on social media and some local media purportedly pilgrims are not being fed as promised by the Hajj Board resulting in the death of some pilgrims. He called on Ghanaians back home to disregard the said audios which he believes were intended to tarnish the image of Ghana Hajj Board and its Chairman, Hon. Sheikh I.C Quaye.

He commended the President and his Vice as well as the Hajj Board Chairman for distributing items of luggage without any charges and called on other pilgrims to ensure that they meet the required 46 kilograms and avoid unnecessary delays during the weighing process.

According to them, there’s nothing wrong with the charging of handling fee. The money will be used to pay Ghanaians in diaspora (hustlers) who will be used as loading bays to help cart the goods from Makkah to Jeddah airport respectively. Faisal Mustapha