Ghana Hajj Agents Pledge Allegiance to I.C Quaye

The Ghana Hajj Agents Association has pledged its support for the Hajj Board Chairman, Sheikh I.C Quaye to ensure a successful Hajj Operations in 2022. The pledge was made during its visit to the Hajj Board Chairman at his residence in Accra to introduce the newly elected Chairman and Executives of the Association to Chairman I.C Quaye.

In his remarks, the newly elected Chairman of the Association, Alhaji Alhassan Ansaria expressed their appreciation to Sheikh I.C Quaye for his support to the association and Hajj operations in Ghana.
According to him, Sheikh I.C Quaye has worked as a young energetic man as the Hajj Board Chairman and he believes this visit to the Chairman has enlightened and encouraged them to learn more from his leadership skills
He prayed for Allah’s protection for the Hajj Board Chairman.

Alhaji Alhassan Ansaria further expressed the association’s appreciation for the good work and support the government of Ghana has been giving to the Association. The Hajj Board, he believes under the exceptional leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye has witnessed tremendous transformations in Hajj operations. The changes in Hajj operations in Ghana is unprecedented under the tutelage of Sheikh I.C. Quaye and Ghanaians should appreciate his good work. The visit was not only meant to introduce newly elected members to the Chairman but to also inform him of the association’s support and commitment to make this year’s Hajj a successful one.

On his part, the Chairman of the Ghana Hajj Board, Sheikh I.C Quaye expressed profound gratitude to the Association and assured them of a successful 2022 Hajj Pilgrimage Insha Allah. According to him, cooperation between Hajj Agents and Hajj Board in other countries is quite difficult; however, he has succeeded in uniting Hajj agents and the Hajj Board for the progress of Hajj in Ghana.

Hajj committee under his watch provided food and other basic needs for pilgrims which according to him made life bearable for all pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite the COVID -19 pandemic, Hajj Board is working around the clock to ensure a successful Hajj anytime the ban is lifted I.C Quaye proclaimed. The Hajj Board chairman revealed that 270 people who paid to embark on Hajj but could not make it due to the pandemic have had their money refunded.

Source: Faisal Mustapha