Ghana Deserves Better

Today provides yet another opportunity for us to reflect as a people bound by a shared destiny on the journey of our great nation, even as we face avoidable tribulations of economic hardship, uncertainty, and a crisis of leadership.

As we commemorate the 67th anniversary of our Independence and the freedom that binds us together, I invite you to acknowledge the struggles that have shaped our lives and our dear country, Ghana.

Let us remember the inspirational and visionary leaders who kindled in our hearts the flame of hope for a better Ghana and the sacrifices of our forebears led by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, who enabled us to embrace and embody the theme for today’s celebration, “Our democracy, Our pride.”

Today, we can all agree that this is undoubtedly not the Ghana we want or the country our forebears sacrificed their lives for. We cannot turn a blind eye to the stark similarity between a colonial power that gunned down our people and today’s leaders who preside over the murder of innocent civilians who stepped out to vote and strengthen our democracy.

We cannot pretend that all is well with us. High unemployment, thousands of our youth trooping out of the country in search of better opportunities, and rampant corruption have rendered us all poorer and unable to pay our debts!

Ghana deserves better.

Our nation deserves quality leadership, better governance and accountability, and a strong economy that creates opportunities for all, not just a few.

We must make progress and build a better society for ourselves. We must hold on to hope, determination, and a collective will to overcome and build the Ghana we want for ourselves and future generations.

With the right leadership, we shall turn our fortunes around and put Ghana back on track as the Black Star of Africa, as envisioned by those who sacrificed their lives to give us this precious gift of freedom.

Happy Independence Day!

Source: Facebook/John  Mahama

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