GaDangme Youth Association Bare Teeth Over Mc-Dan Suspension Saga

The GaDangme Youth Association has expressed their displeasure over the decision by the Management of the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) to suspend McDan Aviation from operating the private Jet Lounge at Terminal 1 of the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The association further rejected the GACL’s decision and called on the Company to do the needful by reconsidering its position and bring back McDan Aviation into operations with immediate effect.

In a statement signed by the public relations officer, Nii Adotey Odaawulu I and the President of the GaDangme Youth Association, Nii Ayaafio Tetteh I stated that the association finds the suspension of McDan Aviation operations as a means to sabotage the effort of an industrious GaDangme citizen who has made a significant contribution to the economy of Ghana. “We want to put on record that the reasons for the suspension lacks merit and has exposed the incompetence in the country’s Aviation sector” it noted. According to the statement, the suspension of McDan Aviation was aimed at preventing GaDangmes from operating in the aviation industry adding that the association will not allow such an evil plot on any GaDangme citizen more so in the person of Mr. Daniel Mckorley who is one of the successful men in the private sector and has also supported the GaDangme States. “We wish to remind the Ghana Airport Company Limited that the Airport is on the GaDangme land precisely La, Accra and therefore it will be unjust to deny any industrious GaDangme citizen who has gone through the requisite procedures and therefore qualifies as an Aviation expert from operating”.

The statement added that it was not appropriate for Ghana Airport Company Limited to punish McDan Aviation for the incompetence of its authorities who failed to do due diligence. “The GaDangme Youth Association will like to ask the Ghana Airport Company Limited whether they were not aware of such a project at Terminal 1,
Secondly, did the authorities ask whether or not McDan Aviation has gone through the proper procedure”?. “We ask these questions because work has been ongoing at the terminal for several months so why now?”. The assertion that the suspension was due to Mr. McKorly flouting the Aviation rules comes to us as a surprise.
Many were those who ask whether work has not been going on at the terminal for quite some time now?”.

The statement revealed that it will be incompetent on the side of the authorities at the Ghana Airport Company Limited to claim they did not know what was happening. It is a big insult to the country and McDan Aviation Venture will undoubtedly create more avenues for meaningful employment for the youth. The GaDangme Youth Association once again called on the management of the Ghana Airport Company Limited to do the needful by bringing back McDan Aviation to operations. The association further revealed that it will resort to mobilizing the youth of GaDangme State to demonstrate to the Jubilee House to register their displeasure if authorities failed to do the needful.

Source: Faisal Mustapha