Ga Development Chief Honoured

The Zongo Chief of Ablekuma Olebu Vicolis, Sarki Abass Usif, has honoured His Royal Highness, Nii Osabu Akwei Ofoli Tiboi I, the Development Chief of Ga and Sowutoum – Nsunfa Mantse with a citation. Sarki Abass Yusif extolled the Development Chief of Ga for his bold, proactive, decisive and remarkable leadership skills that have made a significant impact in Ablekuma Olebu Vicolis and society at large. The citation was presented at a durbar of Chiefs during the installation of cabinet members of Ablekuma Olebu Vicolis Zongo Chief which was held over the weekend. The citation was also aimed at recognizing his ability, capacity, and tremendous assistance to the Ga States.

Nii Osabu Akwei Ofoli Tiboi who is also a businessman and a philanthropist has in diverse ways supported the youth of Ga State. The Ablekuma Olebu Vicolis Zongo Chief described the Development Chief of Ga as not just a warrior but the greatest warrior among warriors.”Someone was called a great warrior for battles fought and the key role played in establishing truth on earth but NIl OSABU AKWEI OFOLI TIBO I is the greatest warrior of them all for you are the truth in itself, it is not a lie” the Ablekuma Olebu Vicolis Zongo Chief said in the citation. “A god-like figure, an undisputed great amongst your people. Your charisma, unmovable and unshakeable belief in truth is legendary” it noted. “A legend of truth, you frowned upon lies, deception and duplicity in words and actions. When all seemed lost, you rose to help settle the dust of chaos and dispute in Olebu Zongo Chieftaincy, hence your legendary status is cemented in our history for life” Sarki Abass Usif revealed in the citation.

The citation added that Nii Sowutoum, is a genius, a rarity in this generation and those yet to come. I have never seen a man stoic in nature, ethically unbelievable and undeterred from his beliefs and things that might, could have crushed men like Nii Osabu Akwei Ofoli Tibo. “The kusum initiation doesn’t make you a part of our history, you are undeniably our history itself” “We pour our heart of gratitude, our tears of joy and eternal gratification to you Sir” The citation stated that the people of Sowotoum and its environs, Ablekuma Olebu and its environs are indeed privileged, an honour of a lifetime to have known and be in your presence. “You are a modern king who believed in changes and what is right done no matter what”. “A Guru perfectly said: “New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old” “We are forever grateful and indebted to you till the end of time. We say in unison ” You are our greatest hero, greatest father and our greatest warrior king” the citation” noted.

Source: Faisal Mustapha