Former President Mahama Provides Assistance to Former Black Queens Goalkeeper

In a heartwarming gesture, former President John Dramani Mahama has generously contributed to the wellbeing of former Black Queens goalkeeper Maimunatu Suleiman. With great empathy, Mr. Mahama extended 18,000 Ghana Cedis contribution to cover rent expenses for Mamunatu Suleiman.
Additionally, he donated 2,000 Ghana Cedis, worth of assorted beverages, mineral water, rice, and a gallon of cooking oil to support the living conditions of the esteemed former goalkeeper of the Black Queens.
The initiative was carried out by a delegation led by Mr. Mustapha Abubakar, the former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Masloc, along with Alhaji Cole Younger, the National Zongo Caucus Coordinator and Dr. Mustapha Ahmed. The former President, currently abroad, took immediate action upon hearing that Maimunatu Suleiman was residing in challenging conditions.
Overwhelmed by the generosity, Maimunatu Suleiman expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the former President, John Dramani Mahama, for his unwavering support. She acknowledged his compassionate efforts in aiding her during a challenging phase and was moved by his thoughtfulness.
In an inspiring move, the former President has initiated a quarterly program to extend support to veteran actors who are facing difficulties. The beneficiaries gather every three months at Adabraka to receive a range of essential items, including rice, cooking oil, sardines, mackerels, and monetary assistance, all made possible through Mr. Mahama’s benevolent initiative, facilitated by Mr. Beautiful.
Maimunatu Suleiman, a former goalkeeper for Ghana’s women’s national team who participated in multiple FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, recently shared her story in a viral YouTube video. Despite her illustrious career spanning over a decade and involving over 30 matches, she highlighted the challenges of her limited earnings as a football player, which eventually led to her current living situation.
The revelation of her current living conditions came as a surprise to many, given her active involvement in football-related roles post-retirement. With the support of ex-President Mahama and his compassionate initiatives, Maimunatu Suleiman’s story reminds us of the importance of recognizing and assisting those who have contributed significantly to their respective fields.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha