Firdaus Amasa’s effect sweeps through law school as more Muslim ladies called to bar with Hijab

July 10, 2018 was a day that would for a long time remain in the memory of many. An age long jinx was broken after persistent and unrelenting efforts by Muslims. If the day was memorable, the event that led to it remains memorable as well.

Prior to this day, female Muslim Nigerian Law School graduates attended the Call to Bar Ceremony without their Hijab.

Many believed the rule guiding the dress code of the legal institution, as prescribed by its Governing Council does not allow it.

The practice however came to an end when Barrister Firdaus Amasa, a graduate of Common and Islamic Law from University of Ilorin, Kwara State stood her ground and insisted on upholding her “Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” as enshrined in section 38 of 1999 Nigeria constitution as amended.

It took more than seven months of peaceful demonstrations and lawsuits to get justice, as many individuals and organisations – Mulims and non Muslims rallied round her,  calling for #JusticeforFirdaus.

Interestingly, the Nigerian Law School in July 2018 allowed the embattled Firdaus Amasa to use the Hijab on the gown before wearing the peruke. Her heroic action, has today inspired hundreds of Muslim law graduates to feel free to wear the hijab on their gown.

At the 2019 Call to Bar Ceremony which lasted for three days between Tuesday, 26th to Thursday, 28th November, 2019, Muslim News findings revealed that it had many Hijab wearing female Muslims called to bar, beautifully and nicely adorned in their divinely ordained hijab cum fundamental human rights.

A name never to be forgotten is Firdaus Amasa as many of the newly called to bar lawyers praised her for her resilience and stride which paved the way for them to use their Hijab without resistance or denial of access to the occasion.

The lawyers’ joy could not be quantified as the auspicious event was graced by families and friends of the new wigs.