Faisal will win premier league-Grunzah

Ahead of the upcoming Premier League season which starts this weekend, King Faisal is promising to win the league for the first time in its history.

According to the Founder and President of the Kumasi based club, Alhaji Karim Grunzah, King Faisal is fully prepared to rub shoulders with the big teams and win the league.

“We have a good team to rub shoulders with any club, we have fully prepared well for the league. ‘Insha Allahu’, King Faisal will the league.”

King Faisal is among two teams including Great Olympics that benefited from the expansion of the Ghana Premier League to 18 teams.

Alhaji Grunzah cautioned Ghanaian referees to be mindful of their officiating. We want a free and fair officiating, no cheating”, said Alhaji Grunzah.

Alhaji Grunzah also noted that the 18 club league is good for Ghana football since the Ghanaian population has also gone up.

King Faisal will play as guest to Dreams FC at the Dawu Park in the opening match of this season’s Ghana Premier League.