Escaped lion NOT captured–Kano Zoo MD

Contrary to media reports, a lion  that escaped its cage at the Kano Zoological garden on Saturday, remains at large.

Many media platforms have claimed that the loose lion has been re-captured and returned to its cage on Sunday morning.

However, speaking to Kano Focus, Head of the Kano Zoo, Sa’id Gwadabe Gwarzo, said the lion is still active despite being shot twice with a tranquilizer rifle.

“We have shot the lion twice with a tranquilizer rifle but the animal is not weak enough to be captured,” he said.

Mr Gwarzo added that the beast has been restricted to an ostrich cage, where it is trapped.

“The lion is currently in an ostrich cage under our control. We are making efforts to capture it,” he said.

Kano Focus reports that the lion has devoured many goats after it attacked their barn on Saturday night.