Eid Celebration And Matters Arising


The current arrangement is this.

1. The office of NCI must give a prior notice to the govt 2 weeks b4 it can give us the holiday to celebrate the Eid.

2. The day of the Eidil Fitr (1st shawwal) cannot be known except on the 29th of Ramadan.

3. The Islamic months are either 29 or 30 days. Hence Ramadan can only be 29 or 30 days

4. The Office of the NCI then opted for the 30 days Ramadan in order to be at the safest side.

5. They give the govt the 30days option, thus to say, they will tell them we will do 30 days fasting.

6. If the crescent is not sighted on the 29th of Ramadan, it means the estimate of the office on point

6. But if the crescent is sighted on the 29 day of Ramadan, the office of NCI says to you

“break your fasting and if you can go for Eid anyway to pray there go and pray, but those who do not have such option because they are govt workers or students, they should wait and pray the Eid on the next day which is the holiday.

7. Therefore the office will also announced that they will pray the Eid on the day of the holiday because of such group of Muslims workers.

8. The only way out based on the current reality is this option they opted in for

9. There are other two difficult options available

A. The office of the NCI should inform the govt that we the Muslims in Ghana DO NOT WANT THE HOLIDAY. therefore, whenever it’s 1st shawwal, those who can go for the Eid should go but those who are working in the formal sector should still go to work since the Eid is only a STRONG SUNNAH but not compulsory .

This option is available and some of you will go in for it because of the nature of your Job, maybe doing your own private business or U are in the informal sector or your employers are lenient regarding you vacating your post and go for the Eid. What about those Muslim Professionals who do not have such leverage? Imagine a Muslim Woman with children who is working in a Bank and must be at the work place around 6:00am!!! What will happen to her and her children feast? Remember some of these kids spend more than 2 days in only plating their hair.

B. Another feasible option is to appeal to the govt to add another holidays to us so that the holidays for the Eidil Fitr will be 2 days, thus, 1st and 2nd Shawwal. And this option is currently not available.

This brings back to my question, dear brother or sister who is genuinely worried about the current arrangement, if you are the old man what will you do different?


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