Do you know why it is forbidden to fly over the Kaaba, and there is no airport in Mecca?

The information will surprise you. This is the information that has brought a lot of people to Islam.
The Kaaba is the center of the earth. It lies in the middle of the earth without any deviation or deformation. And because it is the center of gravity, it naturally attracts the magnetic charges in this place. This is the first point to welcome the sunrise. For these reasons and the fact that the Kaaba is the center of gravity on the Earth, a center of attraction and confluence of the cosmic rays of gravity on the Earth’s surface, the vacuum zone in the layers of air. It is, therefore, impossible to fly over the Ka’abah, either by birds or even airplanes because it is a magnetic center of attraction.
This is indeed confirmed by the science that planes and birds can not fly over the Kaaba because of the magnetic attraction. And this is why, of course, in Saudi Arabia, there is no airport in the city of Mecca.
This also explains why, despite a large number of birds in surrounding of the Kaaba, they only fly around the Kaaba, not above it!
It should be noted that the Kaaba is the light of the earth. ,
The light that comes from the Kaaba crosses the space and across the sky, to the light at the house of Allah in the sky, (that’s baytul Ma’mour) which is perpendicular to the house of Allah in the world (that is, the Ka’abah on the land).
Glory be to Allah,

Source: Hausawa