Distribution of Facemask To Pilgrims by Hajj Board Medical Team

The Medical Team of the Ghana Hajj Board distributed about 6000 facemasks to Pilgrims at Mina ahead of their journey to Arafat.

Briefing the media at the sideline of the event, the head of Hajj Board Medical Team Dr. Seidu Zakaria stated that it is important for Pilgrims to wear facemasks in order to protect them from contracting any form of airborne diseases.

According to him, the medical team made a series of sensitizations on the need to use facemasks in every crowded place.

He added that places like Mina (The Tent City), Arafa, Mudilifa and Jamarat are places where people are overcrowded hence the need to use a facemask to avoid any form of airborne diseases.

Dr. Seidu Zakaria cautioned Pilgrims who may not use the facemask for whatever reason to desist from doing so as it can result in Cough, common cold among others.

Source: wadataOnline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha