DirectAid, Bayt African Charity Held Quran memorization competition In Eastern Region

DirectAid Society Ghana, a non-governmental organization in Kuwait with its branch in Ghana in collaboration with Bayt African Charity on Saturday, March 23, held it annual Quran memorization competition at the head office of Bayt African Charity in Eastern Region.

The annual event was aimed at encouraging the memorization of the holy Quran as well as to encourage Muslims especially the youth to have much knowledge about the principles of the Holy Quran and to serve as a guide that will shape their lives on earth and hereafter.

The Quran memorization competition is as well intended to encourage the Arabic schools and students to develop interest in learning and reading the Quran and to promote the teachings of the holy Prophet.

The director of Bayt African Charity Ghana, Sheikh Ismaila Zakaria used the opportunity to call on parents to ensure that they take Arabic education seriously. According to him reciting the Holy Quran comes with many benefits which can shape the lifestyle of the child.

He revealed that the competition will motivate school children to take their Arabic lessons serious and also help them to be well composed adding that the prizes attached to the competition is not the major objective of the competition but to motivate the children to learn the Quran with the aim of winning the prize but in the end memorize the full Quran.

The Human Resource Manager of the DirectAid Society Ghana, Mr. Suleiman Adam stated that the Quran memorization competition will take place in other regions including Central, Volta Greater Accra and others with the grand finale taking place at the headquarters of the DirectAid in Madina Accra.

He further revealed that winners from the various regions will participate in the grand finale at the headquarters in Madina and the first and second winners will represent Ghana in Kuwait and Qatar respectively .

He said the competition has been going on for the past 36 year during the month of Ramadan adding that the motive behind the competition is to ensure that children of school going age acquire knowledge of Quran.

According to him the winner of full Quran will receive an amount of 1000 Ghana Cedis, while the second position will go home with 800 Ghana Cedis. All participants will receive undisclosed amount of money.

Source: Faisel Mustapha

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