Defeat will always be yours – NDC member curses Ras Mubarak

10th September, 2019

The recent defeat of Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Mohammed Ras Mubarak in the Kumbungu primary election may have been as a result of curses from an aggrieved National Democratic Congress( NDC) member.

Ras Mubarak had attributed his defeat to vote-buying on the part of the winner, but a WhatsApp chat put out by Ras Mubarak himself suggests that his loss may have come as a result of his refusal to pay the rent of an NDC member who had begged him passionately for the favour.

In the chat, the livid member revealed how he cursed Ras Mubarak with olive oil.
“I prayed over it ( olive oil) and broke it on the ground,” the disgruntled member confessed.
He then revealed that he is the only one who can reverse the curse by praying “to avert it.”
Ras Mubarak has called the supposed curses on him as “cuts and bruises of politics.”
Many have condemned the actions of the dissatisfied NDC member was uncalled for, reminding him that payment of rent was not part of the duties of Members of Parliament (MP).

It comes at a time the lawmaker is recovering from his shocking defeat at the NDC Parliamentary Primaries where just after a term, he has been yanked off.
A Lecturer with the University for Development Studies (UDS), Dr Hamza Adam who defeated him, polled 401 as against the incumbent’s 273 and 81 votes for the third candidate Baba Abdulai.
Ras Mubarak who was optimistic of carrying the day has been left disappointed together with his supporters after results declared signaled his obituary.
In a post-election interview he said “As a country, we have to rethink the way we want our politics to go forward. We have seen levels of vote-buying and particularly in the Kumbungu election.”

“Interestingly I have even reported and complained to the BNI to look into the possibility of money laundering. Officially, I have reported to the BNI to look at how people could just share money like crazy so to speak just three days ago.
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