December Traffic Jam In the Capital City

If Christmas got something to offer; then, surely it’s business. Traders in Accra and other parts of the country enjoy higher turnover in the festive season as demand for various commodities increases around this time of the year. This economic activity is justifiable as most sellers offer discounts to consumers; as a result, there is increase in demand. One of the factors affecting the demand for a product is PRICE. Consumers automatically react to changes in the price of products on the market. interacted with commuters and traders in the streets of Accra to assess the impact of the traffic jam in the city on their day-to-day activities during and after the Festive season.

With Christmas approaching, the city turns into a jungle; all kinds of businesses are doing their utmost best to appease travelers and potential consumers from all parts of Ghana to the capital city in search of the best bargains and services.

Speaking with some drivers in the city, they indicated that the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD is not doing enough to curb traffic jams in one of the busiest seasons in the year. Major locations in Accra like Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Kaneshie, Accra Central etc are places one would want to have a plan B prior to any activity in the vicinity.

Usually, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, which is the main trotro (Commercial Bus) station connecting most parts of Accra to and from other locations in the city, is “chocked” with an unprecedented presence of vehicles beyond one’s imagination, to the extent that commuters are left stranded with no vehicles to board.

Talking to some members of GPRTU, they expressed the desire to see more personnel from the MTTD deployed across the city in this festive season of the year to direct traffic and ensure the smooth movement of vehicles on the roads.

We call on the Roads and Highway and the MTTD authorities in Accra to urgently attend to the serious nature of traffic jams in the city to ease tension on the road during this festive season. Abubakar&Abdul Kadiri Umar