Darul Hikmah Islamic School Commissioned In Tuba

Chiefs and Muslim clerics from various Zongo communities over the weekend gathered to witness the commissioning of Darul Hikmah Islamic School in Tuba a suburb of Accra.

The ultra-modern classroom block consist of Information Communication Technology (ICT) centre, library, community centre and an apartment for teachers.

The seven classrooms comes with offices which will serve the Faisal Bello Community Support, Mukhtar Adam Foundation, Hajia Ayisha community Center, Guidance and counselling Center, the headmaster’s office, toilet facilities among others

The islamic school financed by Dr. Mukthar Adam a philanthropist will serve Muslim communities within Tuba and beyond and will seek to enroll over 300 pupils and will offer only Arabic. This is to equipp Muslim children to merge circular and Arabic teaching together so as to shape their lives.

Dr. Mukthar Adam has played a pivotal role in creating a conducive learning environment, empowering many to excel academically and pursue their dreams.

His belief in the power of education such as Islam Religion and Western Education has inspired many instilling hope and igniting a passion for learning in the community.

Dr. Mukthar contributions have not only focused on infrastructure development but also providing scholarships, education resources and mentorship opportunities.

This holistic approach to educational development has truly transformed the lives of many and has opened doors to brighten the future and empowering the youth to become the agent of change.

Speaking at the sidelines of the ceremony, the financier of Darul Hikmah Islamic School, Dr. Mukthar Adam revealed that the construction of the school forms part of his aim at advancing educational development in his community

He added that his unwavering commitment and dedication to improve access to quality education has made a profound impact in the lives of young learners and has transformed the lives of many in the society.

He recalled that after several calls on Muslims to prioritize circular education in the Zongo communities, most parents left out Arabic education adding that Darul Hikmah Islamic School will bridge the gap to ensure that children within Tuba and its environs will have both Islamic and English education.

According to him, there are many Muslims in various positions in the country with high academic grade but have no Islamic knowledge; hence, the need to address such challenges for the next generation.

He revealed that Darul Hikmah Islamic School has an online programme that will help adults and Children to learn Arabic education electronically especially those in the diaspora.

The headmaster of the school on behalf of the teachers expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Mukthar Adam for his dedication and selflessness to serve as shining example to all and reminded Muslims about the impact one can make when he or she invest in education.

He called on parents to continue to work together to ensure that every child has access to quality education so as to create a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the growth and prosperity of his community.

The special guest for the occasion Halifa Dr Sheikh Yahyal Amin called on the committee tasked to ensure the maintenance of the school to discharge their duty diligently and ensure that adequate maintenance of the school.

Source: WadataOnline/Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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