Criticisms Are the Prerequisites of Success

As long as you give a listening ear to either constructive or destructive criticism, nothing more can cloud your vision. Factually, we can never live a life uncharacterised by critique. The dead are still censured for the myopic decisions they’d taken, and those bold steps they didn’t take. If in their death, they’re still blameworthy, how much more those of us alive?

Men of today loathe criticism but feel eulogized whenever heaps of praises are poured on them. Yes, we’ll love good things but little do we remember that if it isn’t good then it would be bad. After neglect comes acceptance. Such is life. For a successful life, we need both edges of the sword of criticism. This would evince our readiness without success being farther from us.

Remember that several building materials are used in constructing a house. Among them are blocks, sand, cement, iron rods etc., although they have their separate functions, they are put together to achieve a common goal – making the building formidable and beautiful. That said, many of us have forgotten that it was the mixture of several materials which provide the building with a futuristic embellishment. In the same vein, we need a bag of destructive and constructive criticism so that we shall erect a solid foundation in our lives. So don’t be irate if you’re smeared with destructive criticism because a barrage of criticisms is ideally part and parcel of the gateway to a successful life.

When the criticisms levelled against you are positive and constructive, don’t argue in the public domain with those who made those comments so that those below you would see you as the all-knowing while you are not! And when it’s a negative or deliberately disparaging comment, never bemoan but rather work robustly to succeed because success is the rebuttal our enemies fear most.

It would be very incoherent to live on this planet where you are loved by everybody. Even God Almighty, the Creator of this universe who has the power to cause death and give life had His own nemesis destructively level blasphemous words against His dominion. We’re in dire need of those critics to help us sanitize our conduct and way of life.

Whenever you find yourself being utterly loved without negative feedback, check the people who claim they love you overly. For the people who hailed Jesus were the same who shouted, “Crucify him”.


Source: © Abdur Rahman Odoi