COVID-19: Wake-up Call For Africa To Strengthen Its Health Sector – Eze Dr. Ihenetu

His Royal Majesty Eze, Dr. Jude Chukwudi Ihenetu, the King of Igbo Community in Ghana, has called on African leaders to use lessons learned on COVID-19 to strengthen their healthcare system.

He lamented on the fact that regardless of your status in any community, you can no longer travel abroad for medical care or check-ups, be it the rich, hence the need to see the pandemic as a wake-up call to set up a strong healthcare system. Africa is capable of equipping its hospitals with ultra-modern equipment and strengthening its healthcare sectors. The African continent is endowed with resources like gold, diamond, timber, oil and other rich resources which can be used to provide good healthcare he reiterated.

The Igbo King in Ghana appealed to African leaders to use the Corona Virus as an opportunity to upgrade their medical facilities; adding that it has the best medical doctors all over the world but due to poor healthcare facilities, qualified and trained doctors and nurses prefer working abroad.

He expressed dissatisfaction about Africa’s reliance on foreign powers for personal protective equipments (PPEs)  whereas these equipments can be manufactured in Africa.

Source: Faisal Mustapha