Couple critically wounded in gun attack at Ada

A couple has been critically injured at Kasseh, a suburb of Ada in the Greater Accra Region after unknown gunmen attacked them in their home Thursday dawn.

Mr Michael Kpalam, a popular drinking bar Operator and his wife Ms Gladys Henanawopeh who were seriously wounded in the attack, are battling for their lives.

An eye witness, Godwin K. Asare told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that, he heard warning shots in his house at about 1 a.m. He said when he opened his door, he saw about five armed men on the compound.

Mr Asare said his sister in the same vicinity had earlier been attacked at gunpoint and forced to hand over her bag with an unspecified amount of money in it.

He said “When the gunmen left the house her sister started screaming and this attracted the attention of Mr Kpalam and his wife who came out of their room and were shot in the process. The man was shot twice in the abdomen and the woman in her ribs and arm.”

“I was not having any gadget to protect myself with so I couldn’t go out. I managed to call the police emergency number and the Kasseh Police came to our rescue,” he said.

The couple was initially rushed to the Ada East District Hospital for treatment but Mr Kpalam was later transferred to the Police Hospital and later to the Greater Accra Regional (Ridge) Hospital.