C/R: Nigerian kidnapper jailed 4 years; 19 ladies panties retrieved

A Nigerian national who was arrested for attempting to kidnap a 14-year old girl at Asomdwie, a farming community in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District of the Central region has been sentenced to four years in prison, MyNewsGh.comreports.

Twenty-five (25) years-old Samuel Oyedemo was overpowered by townsfolk on Tuesday 13th August 2019, when he attempted to flee with the girl around 10 o’clock in the morning. A search inside the backpack which the suspect carried revealed a kitchen knife and nineteen ladies panties of different colours and sizes. Residents say they fear for their lives since the bushes in the area are fast becoming a major hideout for criminals. MyNewsGh.com sources say the kidnapper was given some beatings before he was handed over to the police at Abura-Dunkwa, the district capital.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before His Worship Abrebrese at the Abura Dunkwa Magistrate Court on Wednesday afternoon. He has since been sentenced to four years imprisonment for kidnapping.

Another person who was arrested alongside Samuel Oyedemo is to undergo psychiatric analysis before his prosecution starts, the police confirmed to this portal.

Some of the townspeople who were at the court this afternoon threatened to lynch any suspect in future should the police treat the suspects with kids gloves.