Bawumia Urges Ghanaians to accept Divergent Political views

Muslims in Ghana and other parts of the world commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) annually. The vice president and the minister for Zango & Inner City development were among influential persons invited to this. year’s Greater Accra Maulid. Mr Bawumia started by categorically clear that his presence at the Maulid is not to capitalise on the large audience and embark on a political campaign. The veep also used the opportunity to welcome Sheikh Muhammed Lamin (Son of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass) to Ghana.

Maulid is not only to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad; it brings people from various faith together and serves as a platform to discuss social issues and promote tolerance through education. The prophet said in one of his hadith that seeking knowledge is obligatory on both Muslim men and women. Thus, Zango youth should take education very seriously and concentrate on attaining knowledge beneficial not only to themselves but society as a whole. It is very common in Ghana especially in an election year for some politicians to exploit unemployed, uneducated youth from Zangos for their parochial interest. Politics is in his words “competition of ideas”; and frankly this theory cannot be debunked. The vice president urged Ghanaians to accept divergent political views, especially in this election so that everyone can express their political views.

Mr Bawumia asserted that the Free SHS introduced by the current administration and the recruitment of 3000 Arabic instructors has eased the financial burden on needy parents who perhaps are struggling to make ends meet. The administration of the annual hajj pilgrimage has also been significantly improved to the benefit of pilgrims.

To enhance the human capital in poor communities, Government has also recently granted a special scholarship to 40 students from deprived and Zango communities in Ghana to go and study medicine in Cuba. The first batch has arrived in Cuba and the second batch will leave next week Insha Allah.