Ayew voted eToro MOTM after his winning goal on Boxing Day

Crystal Palace fans have voted Ghanaian international Jordan Ayew as their eToro Man of the Match for his game-winning goal against West Ham United on Boxing Day.

After netting a sublime mouthwatering, jaw-dropping 90th-minute winner, Ayew was named Man of the Match with a landslide 82 percent of votes from the fans.

The son of the legendary former African Best Player, Abedi Ayew, who was nicknamed ‘Pele’ for his wizardry on the field, also collected Amazon’s Man of the Match trophy after the game.

Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson could not help but say: “That’s gone to the right man today.”

Speaking post-match with Palace TV, Ayew said: “It’s just instinct, you know? Connor gave me the ball and I thought I needed to do something by myself. 

“The problem is that when I raised my head, the ‘keeper is coming very quickly. That was the only option I had because Connor had one where the ‘keeper came really quick. I just thought: ‘let me dink it.’”

Ayew danced in from the left, following a pass from the Englishman Connor Neil Ralph Wickham. He beat one player with a 360-degree turn and jinked between two others before cleverly dinking the ball beyond West Ham goalkeeper Roberto to lift Palace to eighth on the league table.

Source: classfmonline.com