Ayariga Calls For One time Payment On Momo Charges

The founder and leader of All People’s Congress (ACP) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has called for a one-way mobile money transaction charge. According to him, some sections of Ghanaians are extremely worried about the 1,75% E-levy on mobile money transactions announced by the government.

The 2020 flag bearer of APC made the call at a press briefing in Accra to pour his frustration over the 2022 budget. He said Ghanaians are worried because they pay when sending money and also pay when receiving money and call on the government to engage all stakeholders and Network providers to agree on one-way payment. Ghanaians, he said cannot pay 2.75% when sending and again pay another 2.75% when receiving the same money. This he described as double taxation on the same transaction.

He noted that going forward as a nation in indebtedness, “Do We continue to BORROW or Do WE TAX? I believe we have gotten to the crossroad where borrowing is not an option anymore but taxation is the best option for us now” and the country needs to widen its tax network and institute an efficient system of taxation; adding that borrowing is no longer an option.

He said the country has to move from borrowing to production, manufacturing and taxation. It has been proven that nations are better off when they focus on developing their natural and human resources. This will in the long run pave the way for self-reliance rather than excessive borrowing and handouts from foreign donors. Taxes paid should be utilized in building social amenities like Schools, Roads, hospitals, markets, infrastructural development etc.

“Now my question is, can we trust the Government to make good decisions with our Taxes? We need roads, hospitals, schools, housing projects etc. Citizens are suffering due to the loud silence from the Clergy, Peace Council and some civil society organizations whose voices have always been loud enough at other times but have suddenly gone to sleep and not awaken.

He called on all Ghanaians to rise above pettiness and greed and speak truth to power and save the country from sinking.

Source: WadataOnline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha