Association Of Vulcanizers Engage Road Safety Authority, Others At 3rd AGM

The Association of Vulcanizers, Ghana has engaged the National Roads Safety Authority, Ghana Standard Authority as part of efforts to ensure road safety and accident-free Christmas.

The stakeholder’s engagement was to sensitize and educate the Vulcanizers on the need to reduce tyre-related road accidents in the country. The third edition of the association’s engagement brought together representatives from National Road Safety Authority and Ghana Standard Authority to educate the Vulcanizers on the Authority’s measures to support the association’s aim of reducing tyre-related road accidents in the country. Members of the association were urged to ensure that all necessary measures are applied to avoid tyre related road accidents before, during and after the Christmas festivities.

The General Secretary of the Association, Chief Basiru Karimu Bukorba in an interview stated that since the formation of the Association, accidents caused by the negligence of some vulcanizers have reduced drastically. He revealed that due to the contribution of the Association in reducing road accidents in the country, it has been recognized by the National Road Safety Authority, Ghana Standard Authority, Ministry of Transport and Association of Small Scale Industries among other stakeholders in the road safety industry.

The General Secretary of the association made a passionate appeal to the government to help reduce import charges on vulcanizing equipment as it will help in reducing road carnage in the country; adding that the association has negotiated with some companies that deal in Vulcanizing equipment to help provide equipment for its members on hire purchase but the high cost of those equipment has compelled the members not to go for the said equipment. He reiterated that the waiver on the automobile equipment will strengthen and expand the skill work in industry and make it more attractive for the youth to venture into. He further called on the government to come to their aid and support them in educating vulcanizers in the rural areas of the country as the association has targeted a number of communities they would like to extend their education to ensure that Vulcanizers in those areas have much knowledge on their profession and serve the nation better. The General Secretary further revealed that through the association, a number of vulcanizers are now proud of their profession as the public has come to appreciate the work of vulcanizers. He noted that some parents are now willing to bring their children to learn the vulcanizing work.

Mr. Robert Ayetey the National Organizer of the Association, called on members to ensure that they keep their workplace hygienic and the safety of their clients should be their priority. He urged them to as well change the water they use to check punchers regularly and keep it clean as it has always been a topic of discussion by many clients who come for tyre services.

According to him, the vulcanizing job has been recognized by all major stakeholders in the tyre and road safety industry hence the need to practice proper hygiene at all times. The work of the vulcanizers has attracted many in society and has compelled them to enroll in the profession therefore it will be prudent to work hard as vulcanizers to make the work more attractive and neat.

On his part, the Planning Manager at the Directorate of Regulation, Inspection and Compliance of the Ghana Road Safety Authority, Nana Asare Mintah revealed that the Authority’s collaboration with the Association of Vulcanizers, Ghana is to provide safe service to its customers. The Road Safety Authority he said has been charged to reduce road accidents and therefore any organization that works in the road safety space is of interest to the authority; adding that the Authority is working with the Vulcanizers Association to reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Mr. Mintah revealed that the Road Safety Authority is putting together some regulations which are before Parliament. The regulations according to him will require that the Authority give out a permit before anybody could operate as a vulcanizer. The new regulations if passed by Parliament will require, a person to belong to an association where he or she receives constant training and they will also ensure that the Ghana Standard Authority calibrates gauges and measuring equipment of the vulcanizers before issuance of a permit.

He reiterated that the Authority’s collaboration with the Association is to ensure that the Association trains its members to be confident in their occupational field at the same time ensure road safety. Mr. Mintah revealed that the Road Safety Authority is running a campaign called ‘Stay Alive’ which is informing the public that it is necessary for one to drive and return to his or her family safely. Drivers were urged to be advocates of road safety and cautioned colleague drivers flouting road regulations to stay safe.

Source:|Muhammed Faisel Mustapha