Arrest made by the police at Ghana Education Service

Leadership of some newly-trained trained who gathered at the Ghana education service were arrested by the police on Monday 13/01/20.

The gathering of newly trained teachers at GES was triggered by an ‘alleged text message’ invitation they received last Friday, January 10, 2020

Narrating the incident to Class News, organiser for the group, Juliana Yeboah said they went to the GES office on Monday morning to follow up on the messages they received on their phones last Friday and were told that the message was fake.

“When we came, they told us the message is fake. So, we were trying to ask them further questions that why have they discriminated against us. The year 2017 and below index numbers are not part of this their postings. So, we wanted to know the reason they had taken our names from the posting and per what the woman we met with and was talking to us, told us, she’s not ready for any question and answering so she left us.

 “So, we decided to stay there and wait for a while until we see the Director General for him to talk to us. Before we realised, the place was occupied by police and, therefore, they dragged us, they told us to leave the premises. We told them we’re not leaving because we had a message from GES so we need to wait for them to respond to the message…we were still arguing that we’re not going to leave the premises so the police arrested most of our colleagues which is the president, the PRO and the secretary and some of the members. The police were beating our people in the yard,” Ms Yeboah narrated.

She insisted that: “We have to wait for them to come and tell us why the message is fake and we need our postings, we all qualify, they shouldn’t discriminate in this that the financial clearance that came was for only 2018 year batch, meaning, 2017 and below we’re not part of the posting”.