Alhaji Massud Kouanda enstooled As Asere Muslim Chief by The Ga Traditional Council

The Asere Divisional Council of the Ga Traditional Council has enstooled Alhaji Massud Kouanda as the Asere Muslim Chief. Popularly known as Naaba Belemwende, he has now been given the stool name Nii Ayi Moshe I.

During a colourful but short ceremony at the Asere Palace on Thursday, June 25, 2020, Nii Ayi Moshe I was taken through all prescribed rituals in enstooling a chief in the Asere Divisional Council by the Chief of Asere, Nii Asere Boi VII and his elders and other chiefs in the area. Various traditional drummers were active as well as firing of musketry, Nii Ayi Moshe I, dressed in a beautiful white Muslim attire, danced his way to the inner court of the palace where local chiefs in the area together with some selected guests had gathered.

In a brief remark after his enstoolment, Nii Ayi Moshe I expressed his gratitude to the chiefs and elders of the Asere area for selecting him as the Muslim chief in the area; pledging to work with other chiefs in the area to ensure development in the community. He ended his speech by thanking the Ga traditional council for the honour given to him.

The Chief of Asere Nii Asere Boi VII, called on all to give the newly enstooled chief the needed support to enable him perform his duties. He reiterated that Nii Ayi Moshe I would collaborate with other chiefs in the area to bring the needed development to the people.

Alhaji Massud Kouanda has lived in Sowutoum Auntie Aku for over 30 years where he had also been enstooled the Ga Moshe Chief of Auntie Aku by the chiefs in the area with the stool name, Nii Adotey I as well as the Moshe chief with the title, Naaba Belemwende.

Source: Abubakar