Akosombo Dam Spillage: Former MP Calls For Emergency Parliamentary Sitting

Former Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya, Alhaji Baba Lamin Abu Sadat has passionately appealed to the Speaker of Parliament, Right Honorable Alban Kingsford Sumanu Bagbin to call for an emergency Parliamentary sitting to mount pressure on the government to take drastic measures in solving the Akosombo Dam spillage which has rendered many homeless.

According to him, the victims have not been given fair treatment and the necessary attention they deserve due to some political interest. The former lawmaker believes the ruling party has neglected the affected community due to their political affiliation; hence, his call on the Right Speaker to as a matter of urgency recall Parliament to deliberate on the matter. Hon. Abu Sadat reiterated that he is not instructing the Right Honorable Speaker but rather, he is pleading with him to as a matter of urgency recall Parliament to deliberate on the matter. The Speaker of Parliament has the constitutional right to call for an emergency sitting to call on the President to act since it is a national emergency. Hon. Alhaji Baba Lamin Abu Sadat further appealed to Chiefs, the Peace Council and other stakeholders in the country to add their voices to ensure that the President puts the country’s interest first before his political interest and treat the Akosombo Dam Spillage as a National disaster.

He expressed concern about possible outbreak of waterborne diseases that may be recorded during and after the flood as no data or system has been put in place to detect any form of casualties so far. Places of convenience were inundated with flood water which the people are using to cook, bathe, and for other household activities due to the failure of the government to provide potable water for the affected victims. He called on all well-meaning Ghanaians to put aside their political colors and speak to help save lives while expressing disappointment in the President for his comments that Voltarians vote for only NDC adding that any serious country would have impeached the President for such a statement

According to him the President’s response and a late visit to the affected areas are clear indications that he has nothing good to offer the affected victims due to the statement the president made during his visit to the area adding that if the disaster were to occur in the stronghold of the NPP, the President’s would have swiftly intervened and offer necessary support for the affected people.

MPs from both sides of the political spectrum should step up and put aside all political differences and collectively treat the disaster as a national tragedy and offer necessary assistance to the people of the Volta Region.

Source: WadataOnline.com|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha