Afro-Arab Marks International Youth Day

Afro-Arab Group of Companies commemorated International Youth Day on August 12 in Ghana with a focus on the Zongo youth’s future. The event aimed to engage Zongo youth, Chiefs, Imams, opinion leaders, and influencers in discussions about guiding the youth toward a positive direction.

The well-attended event witnessed the participation of Chiefs, Imams, political party representatives, traditional leaders, diplomats, and other prominent figures from the Zongo communities. Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, Chairman of the Afro-Arab Group of Companies, highlighted the significance of International Youth Day for Zongo youth, expressing optimism that the celebration would inspire them to work together for empowerment.
He pointed out that the United Nations designated August 12 as International Youth Day to address cultural and legal issues affecting the youth globally, including the Zongo community.

Africa, he emphasized, has the world’s largest youth population, making it essential to prioritize youth development within its Zongo communities to ensure their future growth. Ambassador Amadu stressed that the rapidly changing world demands inclusion and development for Zongo youth. He acknowledged the achievements of individuals who have overcome inequalities and stereotypes in various fields, showcasing the potential of Zongo youth.

He urged for the empowerment of more young individuals in Zongo communities to reshape their narrative and emphasized his unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. Ambassador Amadu called upon the government and relevant stakeholders to implement the National Youth Policy and enact legislation that supports youth development in Zongo jurisdictions, underlining the pivotal role of the youth in shaping the nation’s strength and future.

Source:|Muhammed Faisal Mustapha