Accra Zongo Chief, Accra Zongo Youth Association Undertakes Clean-up Exercises Ahead Of Sallah Durbar

The Greater Accra Zongo Chief and Accra Zongo Youth Association have undertaken a clean-up exercise at Sabon Zongo a suburb of Accra ahead of the celebration of the World Hausa Day and Durbar of Chiefs.

The exercise undertaken by the association seeks to promote cleanliness in the area and to prepare the community for the celebration of the grand Durbar of Chiefs slated for Sunday, August 28, 2022 as Sabon Zongo. The clean-up exercise included sweeping streets and corners and desilting of gutters that had been choked with sachet water bags and other wastes recklessly disposed in the gutters.

The Chairman of the Durbar and World Hausa Day committee, Alhaji Jalil Abubakar stated that cleanliness they say is next to Godliness; hence, the need to embark on a clean-up exercise to ensure a clean environment and hygienic atmosphere prior to the festivities. Residents of Sabon Zango were urged to be actively involved in clean-up exercises at least every two weeks to maintain a clean drainage system and prevent the spread of diseases.

Alhaj Jalil reiterated the essence of a clean environment prior to celebrating World Hausa Day and Durbar of Chiefs, and in the aftermath of the celebrations. A hygienic environment is paramount not only for the dwellers but also invited guests to feel comfortable participating and observing the event. The mantra that Zongo is unhygienic is simply hilarious as other communities across the country are facing the same issue of “choked gutters”. Nevertheless, it is imperative that Zango youth change the narrative once and for all. Members of the committee and the youth have put all necessary measures in place to ensure a very successful World Hausa Day and Sallah Durbar of Chiefs Celebration.

As part of the activities to mark World Hausa Day and the Sallah Durbar of Chiefs, there will be traditional wrestling (Kookuwa in Hausa) on Friday, August 26, and a football gala competition will also be held on Saturday, August 27 2022, among various areas within Sabon Zango and the winner will take away a trophy and other prizes. Alhaji Jalil Abubakar expressed gratitude to the Greater Accra Zango Chief and cabinet members, Executive Members of the Committee as well as the assembly member, Hon. Yakubu Abana and all those who supported the clean-up exercise.

In a related issue, Mallam Nainno Inaugural lecture was held under the patronage of Sarkin Zongo Ankara, Alhaji Yahya Hamisu Bako at the Islamic University in Accra as part of activities to mark World Hausa Day and Durbar of Chiefs. The Inaugural lecture of Mallam Nainno was on the theme “the role of Muslims in Political, cultural and socio-economic development of Ghana.

Source: Faisel Mustapha