Accra Zabarma Chief Urges Muslim Parents to Invest in Children’s Education

Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu, the Greater Accra regional Zabarma Chief, has passionately encouraged Muslim parents to prioritize the education and social well-being of their children.

He delivered this message during a vibrant and meticulously organized gathering of Chiefs at Asabaham, hosted by the Zongo Chief of Asabaham, Sarki Jibo Fusseini Yaro, emphasizing the pivotal role parents play in shaping their children’s futures. Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu particularly urged Muslim parents, especially women, to refrain from excessive spending on non-essential items and instead invest their resources in supporting their spouses in providing their children with a higher level of education; stressing that education is a fundamental factor in elevating the Muslim and Zongo communities to greatness and strength.

He implored parents to make education their utmost priority, underlining its significance in molding children into assets that bring pride not only to the Muslim communities but also to the entire nation. Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu placed special emphasis on the importance of educating the girl child, as it is a recipe for the growth of Zongo communities and the country as a whole.

According to him, educating the girl child is essential for addressing social vices and providing opportunities, even in political leadership, as more consideration is given to females, including the possibility of having a female Vice President. Without education, the Zongos risk missing out on such opportunities, making it crucial to focus on the education of the girl child. Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu also called upon Zongo dwellers to unite and abstain from divisive actions such as hatred, backbiting, and vilification, which can hinder progress and unity within the Zongos. He emphasized the need for all Muslims to come together and actively contribute to the progress and development of their respective communities across the country.

Furthermore, with the collective consultation of Chiefs and elders of the Zabarma Communities, the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief, Sarki Alhaji Musah Yahaya Yendu, officially installed Sarki Jibo Fusseini Yaro as the Zabarma Chief of Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region. Sarki Jibo Fusseini Yaro received a certificate and Identification Card signifying his membership in the Council of Zabarma Chiefs.

Source: Faisal Mustapha