Accra Zabarma Chief Congratulates Justice Tanko

The Greater Accra Zabarma Chief who doubles as President of Ghana Zabarma Association, Sarki, Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko, has congratulated newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice, Amadu Tanko for his ascension to the highest court of the land. The appointment of Justice Tanko according to him would bring hope and serve as a role model to Muslims as well as an inspiration to the Muslim Youth in Ghana.

He added that the newly sworn-in Supreme court judge did not make it to the top by chance but through hard work, commitments and the will of the Almighty Allah. Sarki calls on all Muslims in Ghana to pray and support him to succeed and prove to the world that Muslims in Zangos if given the chance can reach milestones in their field of endeavour. The mantra that Zango communities are incapable of making a positive impact in the country is simply a palpable falsehood.

He further urged Muslims in government and private sector to right the wrong by working hard to attain a higher position in the institutions they find themselves. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was lauded for the pride of Zango and recognizing the qualities in Justice, Amadu Tanko and appointed him to become the first Muslim to the Supreme Court. Alhaji Sarki Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko also urged Muslim Clerics to use good communication skills in their Preaching by addressing sensitive issues which of national interest in their khutba. Good communication skills is an essential tool every public speaker should possess as it helps in conveying your message particularly to your target audience.

The Accra Zabarma Chief who had worked as a journalist for 21 years revealed that preachers with good communication skills can easily capture the attention of their audience and would only address national issues based on in-depth knowledge and consequences of their utterances.

The Veteran Journalist recalls an incidence during the vetting of first Muslim Supreme Court nominee, Justice Amadu Tanko and some section of the Muslim Clerics came out openly to condemn and verbally attack him for what they perceive to be contrary to Islamic doctrines. Lack of communication skills especially on the part of community leaders can mislead the community and create unnecessary mayhem in the society.

Finally, the Accra Zabarma Chief commended Zabarma community in Accra for adhering and observing the Ban on noise making imposed by the Ga Traditional Council and urging them to maintain peaceful coexistence with others and be law-abiding citizens.

Source: Faisal Mustapha