Accra Moshie Yadega Gets New Chief

The Elders and Council of Greater Accra Moshie Yadega have enstooled a businessman and philanthropist, Naaba Adamu Hamid Ouedraogo as the Greater Accra Moshie Yadega Chief. The installation of Naaba Adamu Ouedraogo took place at the Moshie Yadega Palace in Mamobi a suburb of Accra immediately after the 40 days Dua (prayers) of the late Greater Accra Moshie Yadega Chief, Naaba Tugourie I.

The installation ceremony brought together high-profile personalities including, His Eminence the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Osumanu Nuhu Shaributu, His Royal Majesty Naaba Kiba of Yadega, Burkina Faso, Members of Parliament and some political parties representatives. The newly installed Chief of Greater Accra Moshie Yadega, Naaba Adamu Ouedraogo expressed his profound gratitude to the National Chief Imam, the Chief of Yadega of Burkina Faso as well as other traditional and Muslim tribal Chiefs for their support. He assured them of good leadership that will ensure the well-being of all Ghanaians adding that his area of focus will be on agriculture. The government’s hands are tied and the people are suffering hence the need for him to motivate the youth to have skill training. The people particularly the youth will be encouraged to invest in the agriculture sector adding that the government can not provide everything for the people and no one ventures into agriculture and loses hence his decision to make agriculture a priority. Adding that the youth need to realize the opportunities in the agricultural business and he is going to be a key player by leading the campaign for youth participation in the sector.

According to him, most of the People in Ghana come to Accra to trade and neglect agriculture hence his decision to educate his people to consider going back to the farms. He assured the people of Yadega community in Accra and Ghana that his good work will speak for him as come next year the benefit will be not for only the people of Yadega but for all Ghanaians.

According to him, leadership is not about money but leadership skills that understand people’s problems and provide lasting solutions to make life ease their sufferings. The youth was advised to be tolerant and treat each other fairly as action begets reaction and appealed to the youth to promote peace within the Zongo communities and the country at large. He called on his fellow Chiefs to serve the people and not the people serving them adding that most of the Chiefs carry titles around forgetting that they are to render services to the people and help them achieve their goals.

The newly installed Greater Accra Moshie Yadega Chief, Naaba Adamu Hamid Ouedraogo is a philanthropist and the Chief Executive Officer of Sissamba Empire Company Limited an entity that specialized in land management and administration. He also doubles as the development Chief of Sarpeiman with a stool name Nii Abbey Okanfrah I and popularly known as Staff.

Source: Faisel Mustapha