Abudu Family: We appreciate Ghanaians For Their Support During Mion-Lana Regent Installation

The family and Elders of the late Mion–Lana, MAHAMADU Abdulai II have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Ghanaians, especially the people of Dagbon for their support during the installation of the Regent of the late Mion–Lana. “Our appreciation goes to all those who in diverse ways contributed to the successful installation of the Regent which is the first phase of the funeral.”
A statement signed by Naa Bakpema Kar–Naa Nantogma Abdulai, Head of the Abudu Royal Family after a meeting by the family in Yendi, said the family has started with a series of consultations towards the final funeral rite of the late Mion-Lana.
The statement said the meeting included Gundo–Naa Samata Abudu, Naa Bapir Kwar–Naa Mahamadu Mahama, Naa Bapir Kpating-Lana Abdulai Yakubu and a Senior Elder of the family MBA Dogu Iddrisu Iddi revealed that the date of funeral will be made known to the people of Dagbon and Ghanaians at large.
It said in order to ensure family cohesion the family wishes to state that all references and decisions regarding the funeral should have recourse to the family and Elders headed by Naa Bakpem Kar–Naa Abdulai.
“The family acknowledges the high spirit of support it enjoyed from well-meaning sympathizers during these trying moments and hope that this commendable cooperation will continue to guide all our coming operations during the final funeral rites”.