ABOK Muslim Chief Educates Muslims On Tolerance, Hard Work As Ramadan Ends

The Paramount Muslim Chief of Aplaku, Bortianor, Oshiyie and Kokrobite (ABOK) Sarki Salifu Attram has tasked Muslim faithful and Ghanaians in general to reflect on the essence of the holy month of Ramadan and its message of tolerance as well as forgiveness of sins.

Sarki Attram made the statement in his yearly message to wish fellow Muslims around the world a happy Edir-fitir celebration. He called on Muslims especially the youth not to abandon the good habits they showcased during Ramadan and encouraged them to continue with the good deeds and tolerate one another. He reiterated the need for all Muslim sects in Ghana to come together for the purpose of development in the Muslim Communities. He urged the various sects to further come together and ensure that social amenities for all Muslims are provided and ensures that many Muslims particularly females are enrolled in the field of nursing and medical staff to help Muslims especially women during delivery.

He expressed concern over how male medical practitioners receive Muslim women during childbirth which according to him brings to the fore the need to train Muslim female midwives. We cannot pretend that all is well hence the need for various Islamic seats to join heads and find a lasting solution to the problems Muslim women go through at the hospitals. Despite numerous success stories in the Muslim Communities, more needs to be done to empower our sisters and change the narratives in our Zongos. It’s high time Muslims venture into the health and legal sectors of the country.

He called on the government to liberate the country from the economic woes currently faced by Ghanaians and improve the general well-being of the people. He noted that the major cause of recession and depression in the country is due to poor economic management and called all Muslims to remember the country in their prayers during Eid prayers.

The Aplaku, Bortianor, Oshiyie and Kokrobite Muslim Paramount Chief used the Eidir – fitr celebration to thank his elders and Muslims under his jurisdiction for their peaceful co-existence and commitment to the growth and development of ABOK.

Source: WadataOnline.com|Muhammed Faisel Mustapha