A/R, E/R,V/R others to record extremely low turnout in 2020 poll- Islamic Cleric Shamuna hints

The Islamic cleric, numerologist, philosopher and acclaimed spiritual hacker projected that the 2020 elections will record very low turnout with seven huge ‘political’ regions out of 16 recording worse unexpectedly low turnout.

According to him, he has “trooped into the spiritual data of the electoral commission and found that there will be a lower voter turnout in the coming general elections.”

The self-acclaimed “spiritual hacker known for his very accurate predictions said he will not put out the turnout figure he has as yet.

In a statement sighted by MyNewsGh.com, he said Ghanaians should keep their fingers crossed as he will put out figures on the election itself to accurately predict who will win. 

“Through my spiritual research and calculations, I went into the spiritual realm and open the data of the electoral commission data (the register) of 2020 general elections and saw that throughout the country, the voter turnout will not be as usual. I saw the exact number of voters been registered in the spirit even though the physical data of the electoral commission is not yet been compiled. And I might update Ghanaian’s the figures in the near future, but due to one or two spiritual reason, I will not give the figures now for political parties to score their political points and also giving out this data will cause a serious political malpractices as a concern citizen of Ghana, am praying and hoping for a transparent and peaceful elections in the country.” He wrote

“This is the reason why I will not give the figures, again my fellow spiritualist after giving this figures will get the picture or the clue of where the elections is going. It is this figures that will help me to come out with the accurate result of the 2020 election. One will be surprise to see or to hear of the data of the electoral commission in the hands of an individual ahead of its physical manifestation this is not new and news to Muslim with the support of the holy Qur’an chapter 85 verse 19-22 “in fact, those who disbelieve are in denial. And Allah encloses them from beyond. In fact, it is a glorious Qur’an. In a preserved tablet.” He added.

Out of 16 regions, these 7 regions will record disappointing turnout.

  1. Ashanti region
  2. Western region
  3. Central region (some parts)
  4. Eastern region
  5. Brong Ahafo
  6. Greater Accra (some few areas) and
  7. Some parts of Northern Volta.

Source: MyNewsGh.com