24 Muslim Quran memorizing Students Died in Liberia after Fire Disaster Hits the School.

May ALLAH grant all of them, highest and blessed place in Jannah, and may Allah also give strength and patience to the families of the victims who were basically Quranic memorization students who study and learn Quran in Monrovia, Liberia.

With them also two masters/instructors of their school or their teacher also died in that fire disaster which hits today afternoon. There were immense tension and sadness in the entire city of Monrovia, Liberia. The rescue team was spotted by the site of the incident and many more students were rescued by the team, the fire brigade also reached by the time but the fire was too high that it took with her 26 people.

Indeed, they all will be granted paradise as they died during the study of the Holy Quran which is the only true book of Allah till judgment day, and their belief in Almighty Allah already earned them the price of Paradise. The Funeral prayer of all those 26 Muslims held in the city of Monrovia and their bodies were given a bath and all the rituals of Islamic law for the dead has been done by the authorities of Islamic school our sources said.

The principal of that school in an interview with Liberia Islamic TV – LITV said “Some of the dead students were already completed the memorization of Quran by heart, some of them were memorization the 11th Para(Siparah)  and some of them have completed half of the Holy Quran by heart. He burst into tears while giving his interview to the LITV.

If you wanted to pray for them kindly share this article as much as you can so that many more people especially Muslims can pray for their Akhirah and Maghfirat, He said that this is a test from the Almighty to check whether his believers put trust on him or not by taking the lives of his believers, now the special test is for the families of all those 24 QURANIC students and for the families of both the instructor of those students.

May ALLAH grant of them Jannah (Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un)

To All we belong to him, we shall return (Ayah from the Quran – Verse of the Holy Quran)