2024 Hajj Arrangrment So Far So Good

Preparation and arrangement for this year’s Hajj has been described as “superb” by prospective pilgrims due to stringent measures put in place by the Ghana Hajj Board to begin air lifting of Ghanaian pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The prospective pilgrims hailed the Hajj Board for what they described as a timely orientation which has enlightened and strengthen their faith in embarking on the holy journey.

They expressed their hope of performing this year’s Hajj without any stress and assured the Hajj Board of replicating what they have learnt during the orientation so as not to do anything that will tarnish the hard won reputation of the Board and Ghana at large.

The prospective pilgrims made this known when this reporter went around to solicit views of known paid pilgrims.

It was disclosed that the collaboration between the Ghana Hajj Board and its stakeholders has been effective and prepared them ahead of this year’s pilgrimage.

The communications department of the Ghana Hajj Board has also been commended for its swift response regarding Hajj issues on radio, television and online news portals.

This according to the prospective pilgrims, has made them to have a better understanding of how the Hajj Board works and why everyone must avoid the use of lesser Hajj Visas to perform Hajj.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Hajj Board on Saturday, May 25, 2024 held a press conference to expresse its readiness to airlift paid pilgrims from Tamale directly to Madina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the annual pilgrimage.

According to the Chairman of the Boad, the first flight which is one of four to take off from the North, will carry over 400 pilgrims and will be arriving in Madina adding that the pilgrims will be received by the advance team of the Ghana Hajj Board and officials as well as staff of Ghana’s Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

The airlifting of Pilgrims from the Northern sector, he said will begin on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 and end on Friday 31st May 2024 and the Accra flights of five will commence on Sunday, June 2 and end on Thursday, June 6 2024.

He revealed that an advance team of the Board departed Accra last Wednesday, a movement which precedes the airlift of the main body of Ghanaian pilgrims from both the Northern and Southern sectors of the country.

He stated that the Hajj Board remains committed to seeking the welfare of Ghanaian Muslims who embark on this spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia.

He further revealed that the Board have secured decent accommodation at various stations,

transportation within the Kingdom for the duration of the Hajj adding that the medical team has readied a team of qualified medical personnel to attend to the health needs of pilgrims during their month-long stay in Saudi Arabia adding that the Pilgrims will be fed two square meals in a day.

He said the Board has a robust security arrangement both in Ghana and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the safety and security of the pilgrims.

“This year is a peculiar one having been characterized by warnings from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj And Ummrah about the prohibition of the use of non-Hajj visas for Hajj.

Indeed this warning was supported by the issuance of a fatwa, Islamic decree, making the breach haram or sin-attracting in Islam” he noted.

According to him, it is an offense to attempt to perform Hajj with a non-Hajj Visa either with a Visiting, Ummrah or Business Visa adding that the act attracts punitive sanctions from the Saudi Authorities which includes hefty fines and entry ban to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a certain number of years.

He caution prospective pilgrims and others to be wary of persons, travel and tours companies who are advertising their seeming abilities to airlift people to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a lesser amount of money and those who get convinced by such persons and part with their cash for a trip for Hajj do so at their own peril.

The Hajj Boad Chair admonished prospective Pilgrims who embark on

this spiritual journey to be good ambassadors of Ghana while in Saudi Arabia and avoid any act that which would tarnish the image of the country.






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